Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I am sorry to report that I won't be going to Romania after all. As most of you know I have spinal cord damage which resulted in my arms being partially paralyzed. Over the past six or eight weeks my arms and hands have gotten increasingly painful, so I went to the doctor. He sent me for an MRI which revealed a bulging disk just below the infarction. A bulging disk isn't necessarily a big deal, but he said the exertion of the trip could exacerbate it, and it's in a bad location for that. There's also always the possibility of falling on the ice over there. So I am very disappointed, but there you have it. I may go in the spring, but for now, I can't go.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I am going back to Romania on January 25th, my fourth trip there.  I am looking forward to traveling with Evan Boido, with whom I have traveled before, and with Robin, a new friend.  I am also looking forward to seeing Mihaela and Dan Cirjontu, our country leaders, and their beautiful daughter Delia.

I am somewhat apprehensive about the usual things:  the long and tedious flight, the hotel, but most of all, the weather.  Romania in January and February is not a garden spot!

Still, I am sure everything will be fine, and I know I'll be thrilled to see the children.

More later!